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Sustainable. Beautiful. Ethical.

Handmade with love in Barcelona.


Who is Hügel?

Hi, I'm Aina, the soul behind the brand. In 2021 I had the change to stop and I realized that the life I was living was not the life I wanted. So I decided to create Hügel. A slow fashion brand in which I respect the planet and the people that lives on it.I design, make the patterns, dye the fabrics and usually sew them.  I want to create very special garments, with soul, that accompanies you for all your adventures and magical moments.


Learn how to do it by yourself!

As soon as I started this project I realised that there were some clients that were really curious and wanted to learn. They will ask me how to make the dyes or how to start creating garments. So I decided to create some kits for you to learn! Click the button and enjoy the experience!

Thanks for beliving in us!

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